Work with QTA to design, execute
and manage your SaaS partnerships


40% of VC funding goes directly to Facebook and Google ads.
Time for a different strategy!


Game changing support



We’ll build a strategy, helping you find and agree great partnerships



We’ll help with the build and activation of the partnerships (tech, legal, design, payments etc…)



We’ll stick by your side to help manage and optimise the performance

We care where we spend our time. Typically a good fit has a mixture of the following:

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SaaS based

Recurring revenues + Tech?

Possibilities are endless.

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Product market fit

No one wants to partner with a company that repeatedly changes its product and pricing.

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Fast moving

We’re called Quick To Act for a reason. Ready to  build and iterate rapidly?

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Fun team

It’s hard to retain a top team unless we’re putting them on fun and challenging projects.

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Revenue traction

If you’re struggling to sell your product chances are partners will too!

Partnership Specialisms 

Sell Through

There are companies that would love to add your products to their offerings. We bring you the perfect match and ensure the technology, operations and support layers are all there.


You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours? Reciprocal marketing agreements are great for reaching large databases and we're experts in generating conversions off the back of them.


Not only do we have a UK leading partnership with TikTok and an army of influencers, we also have close relationships with the world's largest affiliate networks such as Rakuten.

Channel programmes

We've run Channel programmes at Google and some of the UK's largest agencies. We can work with you to create your own world-class partnership programme and help you onboard partners.


Here's a secret? Almost no one has been trained to work on partnerships. We've built a comprehensive training course that we can deliver across multiple workshops to ensure your team is using leading practices and optimising their activity.


The strength of a Web3 project relies mainly on the strength of the partnerships it strikes. Work with our crypto and blockchain specialists to bring your Web3 technology to Web2 partners.

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